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Bonaire’s Culinary World 

Our passion for food and the many perfect moments we share with our loved ones are the main reasons to publish FoodBook Bonaire. Since the island has so much to offer, we create the opportunity for everyone to choose their own perfect culinary moment.

FoodBook is a one-year edition (glossy) magazine that will enable the people/tourist of Bonaire to find their favorite restaurant/spots to enjoy delicious food and/or drinks.

It will show the go-to places and provide them with the best possible choices in all that the island has to offer in a variety of international and local cuisine. The magazine is also enriched with interesting articles (in’s&outs) about food/drinks, local products and much more. 

Check out FoodBook magazine Bonaire in Hotel-rooms, Resorts/B&B’s and shops all over the island of Bonaire!

By participating in Bonaire’s FoodBook and YourDinnerGuide.com you’ll have the platform to show what experiences you have to offer in the exquisite riches of Bonaire’s Culinary World!

In collaboration with YourDinnerGuide.com we offer a very strong platform for advertising and promoting restaurants and bars on Bonaire. 

For more details and information, feel free to contact us.

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FoodBook Bonaire Magazine

1) Menu spread $ 1695
2) 3 item menu $ 1095
3) Full page (Advertisement) $ 995
4) 1/2 page horizontal format $ 695
5) 1/4 page vertical format $ 435
6) Two pages article (600 w) $ 1495

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6) Premium listing $ 425 incl. ABB

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