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1. YourDinnerGuide.com Services

YourDinnerGuide.com provides an interactive platform that provides information about cuisine, dining and restaurants on Bonaire.
YourDinnerGuide.com is not responsible for the act or omission of other users, including the information that they provide on YourDinnerGuide.com.

2. Intellectual Property

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(b). It is not permitted to modify, edit, copy or distribute, one or more portions of YourDinnerGuide.com, including but not limited to YourDinnerGuide.com’ and/or user data, the underlying technology of and the functionality of YourDinnerGuide.com, and the security measures implemented by YourDinnerGuide.com without the permission of YourDinnerGuide.com.
(c). It is not permitted to view and/or use the data and/or services provided by YourDinnerGuide.com and/or other users by means of methods other than provided by YourDinnerGuide.com’s on YourDinnerGuide.com.
(d) Without prejudice to other terms within these Terms of Use, the following activities that are performed in connection with YourDinnerGuide.com are in any event in contrary to the Terms of Use, namely activities or data that:
1. Have a commercial character without permission from YourDinnerGuide.com;
2. Have a different content or scope than the theme of YourDinnerGuide.com;
3. Have a pornographic, violent, hateful or abusive content;
4. Include Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Bots, or other software that may damage, disable, eradicate, appropriate, make YourDinnerGuide.com inaccessible or are intended to bypass technical protection measures to YourDinnerGuide.com and/or systems of YourDinnerGuide.com;
5. In any way limit and/or interfere with the use of YourDinnerGuide.com.
(e) YourDinnerGuide.com reserves the right to exclude any user with immediate effect from any further use of YourDinnerGuide.com if he/she acts in violation of these Terms of Use, any provision of the Dutch law, or the netiquette that is complied on the internet without prejudice to the right of YourDinnerGuide.com to take further legal action and claim damages.
(c) YourDinnerGuide.com reserves the right to remove any information or material without prior notice or reasoning from YourDinnerGuide.com at any time, and to deny users who have posted this information on YourDinnerGuide.com.

4. Liability/Disclaimer

(a) Good care is given to the composition and Website Content of YourDinnerGuide.com. YourDinnerGuide.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of both the composition and the Website Content. Under no circumstances whatsoever any rights can be derived from the Website Content of YourDinnerGuide.com. YourDinnerGuide.com reserves the right to correct and/or otherwise change the information on YourDinnerGuide.com and/or the form and nature of services offered through YourDinnerGuide.com at any time.
(b) YourDinnerGuide.com hereby excludes all liability for any damage whatsoever, directly and/or indirectly, in any way arising out of and/or arising from the Website Content posted and/or created by YourDinnerGuide.com or by its visitors, or by the use of YourDinnerGuide.com. Moreover YourDinnerGuide.com will in no event be liable for any damage whatsoever arising in and/or arising from the impossibility of using YourDinnerGuide.com or the fact that certain information on YourDinnerGuide.com is incorrect, incomplete or not to date.
(c) You indemnify YourDinnerGuide.com completely for all possible claims of yourself and third parties in any manner arising from and/or in connection with your use of YourDinnerGuide.com.

5. General Terms

(a) These Terms of Use may be modified at any time. YourDinnerGuide.com recommends that you check the terms of use regularly.
(b) If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are void or destroyed, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. In order to replace the invalid/unenforceable provisions YourDinnerGuide.com will reintroduce new ones, if possible with the same purpose of the original provision(s).
(c) In all disputes arising from the use of YourDinnerGuide.com, Dutch law applies.
(d) All disputes arising from the use of YourDinnerGuide.com will only be submitted to the authorised court in Kralendijk, except enforceable provisions oppose it.
(e) In the event that one or more parts or assets of YourDinnerGuide.com’ business are transferred to a third party, YourDinnerGuide.com has the right to transfer the Website Content, including the information provided by its users, of YourDinnerGuide.com to this third party.

6. Company Details

YourDinnerGuide.com is an initiative of k-Dushi Marketing B.V.

Contact Details:
k-Dushi Marketing B.V. (Kvk #8123)
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