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Complete your holiday and join one of our epic sailing yacht adventures. You will experience the relaxed vibes of the Caribbean from the moment you’ll step on board! Enjoy the tropical breeze, the clear blue waters and the spectacular sunsets.

Chill & Grill Sunset Sailing $95

With one of our catamarans we will sail along the coast of Bonaire and take you on a guided snorkel session.
After the first thrilling adventure, we will sail to a beautiful sheltered spot where you’ll have plenty of time to relax, swim or snorkel. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and breathtaking ocean views while we prepare a fresh, delicious 4-course-dinner on our on-board grill. If we say delicious, we mean delicious! Think of freshly caught tuna sashimi, tenderloin, rib eye, local fish and shrimps skewer, coming with matching sauces, salads and crispy bred, and a tasty dessert to finish. During the dinner we do plate service (no buffet), in order to let you real feel our “floating restaurant” on the Caribbean sea.

Fade away under the sails with a cold drink in your hand on our route back to the harbour, whilst the sun touches the horizon and turns the sky into a colorful curtain.

What’s included? Premium Open Bar (water, sodas, beer, wine and prosecco), luxury 4-course-dinner, high quality snorkeling gear, guided snorkeling (two snorkel destinations / one guided snorkel)

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Additional Info

With this tour we usually take a maximum of 20 – 24 guests on-board.

Minimum age: 13 years

Do you want to book a specific date that is not available on the calendar? Or would you rather request a private tour? Use our contact form to send us a message or contact us directly. We might have options available for you!

Exclusions: Nature Fee card (Stinapa Tag). The sea around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire (Bonaire National Marine Park) is protected and managed by Stinapa. Users (also snorkeling and water activities) are required to pay an fee, known as the nature fee. Get your Stinapa tag online via https://stinapa.bonairenaturefee.org

Feel free to email us at info@epictoursbonaire.com with any questions.

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To showcase Bonaire’s culinary wealth, a 15-day culinary event is organized that takes place on the entire island, starting on May 23rd up to and including June 6th. Several culinary hotspots on Bonaire have created a special menu for a discounted price. The event is the perfect opportunity to discover a wide variety of restaurants Bonaire has to offer. Enjoy!

Bonaire Culinair Event Offer

Special Epic Tours Brunch & Snorkel Tour

During the Bonaire Culinair weeks, guests can enjoy a scenic sail on the water in the morning, including guided snorkeling and of course a wonderful brunch served by our chef on board!

Special Bonaire Culinair price: $99 per person

Brunch & Snorkel Catamaran tour Friday 24 May 08:30am – 1:00pm
Brunch & Snorkel Catamaran tour Tuesday 28 May 08:30am – 1:00pm
Brunch & Snorkel Catamaran tour Friday 31 May 08:30-1:00pm
Brunch & Snorkel Catamaran tour Sunday 2 June 09:00am – 1:30pm

Reservations are required! Reserve your tickets via info@epictoursbonaire.com, mentioning ‘Bonaire Culinair’ and your preferred tour date in your inquiry.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board for a culinary sail!


> This deal cannot be combined with any other offers
> The price of the deal is in US$ and per person
> Reserve for free and pay at the restaurant

> This deal cannot be combined with any other offers
> The price of the deal is in US$ and per person
> Reserve for free and pay at the restaurant

> This deal cannot be combined with any other offers
> The price of the deal is in US$ and per person
> Reserve for free and pay at the restaurant

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Signature Dish

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Local Goat Stew

A delicious local goat stew served with rice, fresh vegetables and green salad


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