Privacy Policy

YourDinnerGuide.com respects the privacy of all the users of YourDinnerGuide.com and ensures that the provided personal information is treated confidentially.

(a) YourDinnerGuide.com processes provided personal information only in accordance with the Dutch Act Of Personal Data Protection.
(b) On YourDinnerGuide.com, users are possibly asked to provide the following information: Email address, name, and information in regards to making restaurant reservations such as reservations date, reservation time, etc.
(c) Personal data provided by users of the website are used for the following purposes:
1. The provision of our services;
2. Sending commercial messages and/or informational newsletters by YourDinnerGuide.com. If you do not appreciate receiving this information, you can unsubscribe by using this link.
(d) YourDinnerGuide.com will not disclose personal data from users of YourDinnerGuide.com to third parties unless this is in accordance with the purpose for which they have been processed and/or the user has given permission for it or if YourDinnerGuide.com is mandatory to provide personal data. Such an obligation exists if it arises from a legal obligation, including an indication of a authorised authority, or if the non-disclosure would be illegal towards third parties. If YourDinnerGuide.com provides information on the basis of such an obligation, and if it subsequently becomes clear that this obligation did not exist, YourDinnerGuide.com is not liable for the resulting damage to the user.
(e) In order to be able to tailor service to the Website to users’ wishes, YourDinnerGuide.com collects IP data from users. Additionally, cookies are used to remember passwords, usernames and preferences. Both IP data and cookies are processed in an anonymous manner.
(f) The user has the right to access the personal data and may remove or modify them by contacting YourDinnerGuide.com by e-mail to info@hotdog.recipes. Questions about our Privacy Policy can be sent to this e-mail address as well.
(g) With further growth and development of YourDinnerGuide.com, one or more of the company’s components or assets may be transferred to a third party. In that case, YourDinnerGuide.com also has the right to transfer personal data from its customers to this third party.
(h) YourDinnerGuide.com is not responsible for compliance with privacy laws by sister companies, partners or other parties.
(i) When placing an order or participating in an action, the user must ensure that his information, including but not limited to his e-mail address, address details and payment information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. In addition, the user guarantees that he is legally authorised to use YourDinnerGuide.com in any way.
(j) YourDinnerGuide.com will take reasonable precautionary measures to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of the personal data of users in our database.
(k) YourDinnerGuide.com is at all times entitled to change this Privacy Policy. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy will be published on the website.