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Fast Casual
International, Sea Food

Hillside Bar and Restaurant

Duncan South
18:36 14 Sep 21
Good food and service
Alexander Damascus
22:56 17 Jul 21
I stayed in Hill side for two days, and the rooms were nice. Nice view from the west side of the island. The service and the food was good.
Sally Corey
18:56 29 Jun 21
Great view of Bonaire. Nice bar and pool. The food was good and the service was good.
Robert Soer
04:06 15 May 21
One of the best vegatarian lasagna I have been served for a long time! Theo's Hillside Restaurannt & Bar & Frituur is Top of The Bill!
Timothy Schaeffer
20:40 19 Mar 21
Great location and staff!
Bernadette Dupre
19:48 01 Mar 20
I ordered a mojito before dinner. It was beautifully made. Lots of muddled mint like it should have. Dinner for me was the chicken satay. It was plenty to eat with no appetizer ordered. Veggies and french fries were served with the meal.
Sue Montana
10:24 25 Feb 20
This off-the-beaten-path place had excellent service and the food was very well prepared. The view is very nice and we enjoyed the open air setting. Highly recommend.
theo hos
14:21 18 Feb 20
Tasty offers of the day. Keg beer. And this is rare on Bonaire. Perfect view every evening
Lynnette West
13:50 02 Jan 20
Don’t let the name “apartments” fool you. Went here to eat on New Year’s Eve. Great food, friendly hosts, service is outstanding and the price is right. 7 people, 7 different meals, all outstanding! A definite must eat place.
Asefeh Eskandari
23:36 19 Nov 19
A very fine place to go with kids. It has two swimmingpools and its has several lounge places. I would not recommend the place if you do not like kids. We just went here for a day, didn't stay at the logging
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Hillside is a great restaurant and bar to have dinner or to chat with friends while enjoying a beer or a nice glass of wine.

Tuna Tuesday
Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

It Rains Fishes

Linn O
23:59 07 Sep 21
Good food, except poor combo of salmon and risotto. Not enough food for us americans.
Josh Jordan
21:31 06 Aug 21
Food here was excellent, I’d even go so far as saying it was the best meal we had whilst on Bonaire. Staff was friendly and attentive as well as being very accommodating to my keto eating preference.
00:05 02 Aug 21
Had the lunch special here. Really great location and great prices for lunch. Dinner looks promising as a courses meal, but we didn't try it.
Jesse Abeler
03:01 24 Jul 21
We had a great night out here. Food came out appropriately hot or cold, and a reasonable amount of time for a group of 10. Our waitress did an excellent job with our orders, everything was correct and tasted great. Good value, good drinks. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice restaurant.
Brutal But Honest
13:55 21 Jul 21
If I could reward you with 6 stars I would.It Rains everything at your restaurant.What a relaxing establishment.The staff, the vibe, the drinks and ofcourse the food.Quality of food is mouth watering and the staff really knows what wine goes well with the choice of your meal.Keeping in mind what your preference are.Tip : give your staff a raise.I will most definitely be back.
20:33 10 Jul 21
We ordered the 3 course menu with cerviche, and tuna sashimi as starters ; tuna 3 way and catch of the day as main course and Lucian icecream cake as dessert. It is overall a good meal. Especially the tuna and icecream cake were a delight.
Dean Starovasnik
01:26 10 Jun 21
Service is very European which to us yanks feels slow. But if you relax and enjoy the experience the food is excellent. Even the beef tenderloin at a seafood place was outstanding!
Mercedes Engelhardt
12:20 18 Feb 21
Food was delicious. Service was super.
Hanna Copini
02:53 15 Feb 21
What i like most about this restaurant, are the good vibes and the food proportions! The three course menu is delicious. We had spicy ceviche and the catch of the day. Very nicely prepared. Dessert was a treat! Coconut-heaven. Waiters are lovely and fast! Excellent service. Make a reservation!
Adely Jansen
21:29 25 Jan 21
Great food in the open air located @ the malecon across the caribbean sea
Anastasia Senina
22:13 05 Jan 21
We took red snapper, ceviche and tuna carpaccio. All meals were fresh and delicious. Fantastic desserts. Very friendly service.
Janira Kelkboom
02:04 28 Dec 20
Nice dinning with gr8 wine
Ashja Bosboom
12:18 18 Nov 20
Very nice entourage, friendly staff and good food
Theo OnTour
02:01 17 Aug 20
Visited this restaurant with colleagues. Decided to go for their three-course meal. I had the carpaccio as a starter. The meat was just a tad too soft in my opinion, but taste and presentation was ok.For mains I picked the catch of the day, which was red snapper. Loved the sauce, and the fish filet was cooked well, but it still contained a few leftover pieces of fish bone.And for dessert I chose the brownie cake with chocolate sauce, which was quite delicious.Overall a pleasant visit, with very courteous and professional staff.
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It Rains Fishes is a modern restaurant with a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea, ideally located on the boulevard of Kralendijk.

Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Breeze ‘n Bites

Ian Kaplan
13:26 07 Sep 21
Breeze 'n Bites is on the bottom floor of the Den Laman condos. There is a great view of the Caribbean Sea. The food is good, as is the friendly service. We often go to Breeze 'n Bites for "burger night" on Thursday. Be sure to make a reservation since burger night can be popular.
Bas de Jong
01:07 08 Aug 21
Lovely food
Adely Jansen
18:24 18 Dec 20
Great food!
Yhanni Arepas
11:51 16 Oct 20
Excellent service
Roses M
12:03 11 Jul 20
Delicious Arepita with cheese, good coffee and also a glas of fresh home made juice.
Rosanne Boyan
12:44 10 Jul 20
Enjoyed juicy and perfectly seasoned $9 burgers at BURGER NIGHT yesterday. The servers were attentive and the portions plentiful.
Jonha Dumont
16:21 09 Mar 20
Very nice view for happy hour
Jeff Freisinger
01:07 17 Jan 20
Awesome food. Great view, on the ocean. Great service.
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Breeze ‘n Bites is an intimate waterfront restaurant at Den Laman. Our menu changes according to what is freshly available.

Thursday Dive Masters Burger Night: Dive Burger for just $10,-
kite city food truck on bonaire
Food Truck
International, Sea Food

Kite City

Christiaan Buitink
19:47 07 Oct 21
Boom-Boom Burger! Best burger ever! Theo never disappoint you, only when they’re not there!
Claire Chouette
19:25 20 Sep 21
Perfect spot for a delicious burger after diving/snorkelling ☺️
Jan-Willem Eykma
21:19 27 Jul 21
Excellent food, well priced and super nice staff. At one of the best beaches for snorkelling as well.
kate ashe leonard
15:17 15 Jul 21
Heard about this place from a friend and it did not disappoint. We dropped by after our kite session and enjoyed a tuna burger and tuna carpaccio salad. They don’t take bank cards and we were a little short so they let us come back another day with the cash. Food and general beach atmosphere is great. We will be back
Maideline Martijn
12:54 21 May 21
Nice fresh made meals... the best tuna wrap
Sally Corey
19:26 20 Apr 21
Had fish sandwiches and they were great. Easy to find food truck with picnic tables close by. Eating here is a joy.
Matthew Davies
22:06 12 Apr 21
Fresh and healthy fish wraps and salads.
Courtney Johnson
23:27 26 Mar 21
Love the tuna salad and fish duo specials. We can’t stop coming here for lunch!!!
cuppatea pete
18:30 09 Mar 20
Really good food! Nice friendly staff!We had a barracuda wrap and a Maui Maui burger, both very excellent. The location on the beach is also very beautiful
Jens F.
20:44 01 Mar 20
Super! 10 Stars! Very very friendly nice staff! Cold beers freshest tuna-trio ever had! Moderate prices.
Brittany Middleton
16:22 25 Feb 20
Everything was wonderful! I would definitely recommend the tuna trio. The catch of the day burger is great too. Best service on the island!
20:00 15 Feb 20
Highly recommend! So much more than just a food truck! We booked these friendly folks to privately cater our dinner for 8 right in our rented house. They served us an amazing 7 course meal on site! They just kept piling seafood on the table. The experience was priceless. Our family will be back & will definitely arrange the same plan with them.
emilyeelco eelcoemily
20:11 04 Jan 20
Best fish in town! Great place and fun friendly people, awesome
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We offer tasty, fresh and simply beautiful food that comes in salads, wraps, burgers and seafood platters.

Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Ocean Oasis Bonaire

Jonas Ladekjaer
04:13 04 Aug 21
Except for the limited entry into the ocean from this oasis, it was a great spot to get a little tipsy and chill out hard for a day. Our server Ray was top notch and brought this rating up a bit. thanks for it Ray.Had poke bowls for lunch that hit the spot!
Vida Maria
14:16 03 Aug 21
Hi there! This is a review of my experience at Ocean Oasis.Let’s talk about the good things first.The place is gorgeous. It has a cute little store when you can buy beautiful swimwear and small souvenirs. The beach is gorgeous. I saw more things but my main focus was the restaurant; which I attended with some family and friends.The location is also in nice spot.Now let’s talk about the things that need improvement.The service: The service here was horrible.We were seated and asked if we wanted some drinks. The drinks came after quite a while,then the server never came back! Everyone got there on time so we were all seated waiting for someone to come help us. By this time, all drinks were also finished. After waiting about 30/40 minutes someone came, after us raising our hand. The server we then got was not very kind either. Their excuse was that it was very full and they were understaffed. The place was not full, but they were understaffed so we understood. But that does not excuse the fact we had to wait so long. The food itself is fine. It’s not amazing but just fine. It did come beautifully garnished so that was a plus.This is why I think this restaurant deserves 3 stars from me. If the service was better it would have been a solid 4.In the end we had a nice time.This is not intended to hurt or offend anybody. As I said before, this was MY experience.
Merrill Lunt
19:28 05 Jul 21
We own a villa on Bonaire & highly recommend the ocean oasis to our guests. It’s a wonderful way to pamper yourself while on Bonaire. The views are excellent the food is delicious and the drinks are refreshing. The staff is well trained to make sure all of their guests are comfortable all day long.
Frans van der Horst
20:40 26 Jun 21
Nice relaxed beach club. Ambiance, good food and nice people watching
John Dohmen
20:20 23 Jun 21
More a restaurant with beach beds than a beach club. There is actually no beach to enter the sea. Not our type of place for a beach day. But maybe good for others. Beach beds come with a beach towel and a bottle of water.
Peter Zeisser
20:21 31 May 21
Love it! Great place to enjoy a day at the beach and to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.
To Ku
00:42 21 May 21
Very very nice place to stay a beautiful evening with good drinks, friendly stuff and a beautiful atmosphere.
Marcel van Loon
20:39 04 May 21
Very nice atmosphere and the service is a well oiled machine!
Rolf van den Breemer
13:06 24 Apr 21
Open again! Nice waiters, food is tasty, love the Carib Colada.
christiaan zweers
16:41 22 Apr 21
We go here every now and then for lunch. They have amazing poke bowls. Fresh fish and pretty good service. Very decent place!
20:52 05 Mar 21
Beautiful location with friendly and helpful employees. The cabanas are perfect for an afternoon of sunbathing with friends. I only wish the top of the cabanas had a covering, as it is easy to get burned quickly in the bright Carribean sun. I look forward to my next visit!
Marijke Wilhelmus Rob Landman
16:43 30 Jan 21
Wonderful setting right on the ocean. Great food - I especially like the Poke bowl. Just one minor point you have to pay for the water. But still worth a 5 star.
Eddy Trenidad
04:31 30 Jan 21
No words needed.Id give Ocean Oasis 6 stars if I could. 🏝🍹
Irina Krasovskaya
13:50 13 Jan 21
I was really impressed with super nice stuff, really good service, great food and beautiful design. So much better then other beach clubs on Bonaire I’ve been to.
Joseph dinapoli
01:13 04 Jan 21
Avocado toast is decently hardy for avo toast.Also had their sweet potato fries the ither day, slightly over cooked, it was towards end of day ~7pm oil probably needed to be changed 🤔I cant remember what the name on those dishes were, but for me they werent impressive, taste was odd, consistency..unique to be nice.The staff and overall setting of the place is 5 stars, the food not so much..
Carmel & Crusita de Palm-Leoneta
01:50 30 Dec 20
Good and nice place to see and enjoy sunset and away from noisy town.
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Eat, drink, read a book or simply enjoy the beautiful view, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, Ocean Oasis has a place for you.

Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Joe’s Restaurant

Carla Hueck Martina
10:53 18 Jul 21
Very very good
John Okelly
17:02 10 Jul 21
Best food and service on the island.
Dennis Martinus
03:05 06 Jul 21
Delicious food with a personal touch service.
Gillian Janga
01:56 17 Jun 21
Great food and service
Tamoghna Banerjee
02:32 20 Mar 20
Very nice place. Good quality of food.
Jens F.
03:14 15 Mar 20
Perfect! Bart&Jessica&Team doing a perfect job. Chancing menues with diverent specials of the day. Brilliant fish, good meat, fine appetisers, good wines and beers and drinks. Our absolut favorite since 2013! Prices are very OK!Bart is a joung engaged cook who is always looking for new tasty brilliant meals and innovations. We discussed with him in evening tlking blaablaas about cooking special things. He is on a good way!
Tony Sommerdyk
01:17 29 Feb 20
Catch of the day was excellent. Wait staff was attentive and never interfering. Beautiful breeze on a warm evening outdoors.
Kagamusha SW
23:12 07 Sep 19
A good restaurant for sit-down dining. Full bar and menu. Parking is free and easy. My wahoo special was excellent. Dining is Al fresco or under a roof open to the road. Try their Yess liquor for dessert.
Eric Sanders
22:22 29 Jul 19
Nice restaurant with friendly staff. Had dinner there on our day of arrival and came in quite late. No problem for our waitress. Our orders where served quickly and with a smile. We will definitely return here
Mark R Brady
14:17 25 Mar 19
This is a great restaurant. It's a Dutch restaurant that serves very good food. It has a great selection of craft beer. I had the fish of the day that was Cod. It was very good. This place is casual dress but it is definitely a 5 star restaurant.
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Enjoy the casual and friendly atmosphere at Joe’s while having a tasty meal together with a good wine, beer or cocktail.

At-Sea-Restaurant-Bonaire-3 copy
Fine Dining
International, Sea Food

At Sea Restaurant

Michael Hubert-combs
13:31 30 Jul 21
I went here on my trip to bonaire and I got the 4 course surprise meal. While the portions were small the food made up for is in flavor. The service was great and the chef explained my food very well. Being a giant foodie and someone who would like to be a chef I would say that the restaurant is Michelin star worthy. Thank you to all chefs and waitresses who were there.
Donna Perez
10:35 19 Jun 21
Very expensive...mediocre service...nice ambiance, although not much breeze. Food was nice to look at, artsy, small portions.
Paulien Knip
19:13 02 Jan 21
Definitely one of the best restaurants on the island. If you love fine dining, make sure you visit this cosy restaurant located on the boulevard.
Lance Hollis
18:46 16 Oct 20
One of my favorite if not outright favorite on the island. I have been then more than a dozen times and it is always an amazing experience. If you choose to go, definitely do the chef's courses meal - everything will be so unique and items you will likely never encounter again. If you are less adventurous with your palate, then there are traditional standbys done amazingly well.
Eric Meyer
17:59 06 May 20
Each time we visit Bonaire we go to At Sea. This is a wonderful restaurant and very popular so get a reservation ahead of time. I enjoy the Chef surprises and sharing dishes as they are all fantastic. 5 stars.
Andrea Kish
16:30 01 Feb 20
Had a superb dinner last night. Really changed my mind and how good a restaurant can be with superb taste but smaller portions. Everything was absolutely fantastic and could really taste the individual ingredients. Highly recommend.
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Restaurant At Sea is situated on the promenade of Bonaire with striking views of the Caribbean Sea.