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Peruvian cuisine has many influences, due to the ethnic fusion. Delicious!

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Peruvian, Steakhouse

Tasty Bar and Steakhouse

Daniel Boyan
23:00 26 Aug 21
Fantastic food. From steak to fish to lamb chops and everything in between. Come hungry to enjoy several courses. Great people.
Ralph Brown
18:56 13 Aug 21
Another great restaurant in Bonaire, the food was excellent, cooked to perfection and the beer was cold. When and if you go sit in the back of the restaurant its cooler. Enjoy.RGB.
Matt Garratt
03:59 07 Aug 21
First time eating at a Peruvian restaurant and I was not disappointed. I had the ribs and I must say, they were probably the best spare ribs I've ever had! The sauce on the ribs was perfect and the meat was succulent, yet came clean off the bone. The restaurant itself was nice and the staff were helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Igor Razbornik
12:11 05 Feb 21
Now is a Peruvian restaurant... And is really tasty. Have been returning few times... Recommended.
Brandon Bollinger
03:56 13 Oct 20
My favorite restaurant on the island. The food is authentic Peruvian food, so much flavor and so much heart. Their head chef Moises is an incredible and talented chef, and was super nice to us coming out to check in on how our food was. I look forward to coming back and eating some amazing Peruvian food!!!
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This Peruvian Restaurant is located in downtown Kralendijk. Their speciality, the Peruvian Ceviche is made from fresh fish!