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Bon Wokkie

Peter Pie
12:39 04 Mar 21
Raoel Ramjiawan
10:08 04 Mar 21
Mark Broere
17:20 03 Mar 21
Lotte Versteijlen
17:08 03 Mar 21
Eddy Trenidad
19:59 16 Feb 21
Fuiyooooooooo 🥡🥡🥡 , well done.👌🏽
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Bon Wokkie, your new favorite take out restaurant in the heart of Kralendijk, Bonaire!

Casual Dining
Asian, Sushi


Emely Janga
01:47 21 Jul 21
Best service ever ! Realy good sushi and not pricey !
Alex KaSi
04:44 04 Jul 21
Great ambiente and service. Best place for great sushi but pretty decent choices for non-sushi people.
23:28 02 Jul 21
The quality of fish is good however the rice is not good. rice for Nigiri does not hold together.
Uli Ballhausen
11:59 22 Jun 21
We had good time there. Nice cocktail and perfect Sushi 🍣.
Carol Clegg
12:32 29 Apr 21
We enjoyed our evening at Osaka. Tasty dishes and nicely presented. Sitting out in the balcony was comfortable even though it was raining. So pleased that the restaurants in Bonaire are open again to enjoy.
Kenny Ranking
01:49 27 Jan 21
I dont even eat fish, but there are enough other options for non fish eaters. Try the Thunderrol chicken tempura for example. Good tastes all around
gregory loefstop
23:57 25 Aug 20
Nice Service the best place for sushi
Keylis Garcia
02:13 24 Jul 20
Good food and service! 😍
02:52 25 Feb 20
Just loved it!!! I can honestly say it has been the best sushi I have tried. I fully recommended.
Rob Brodie
00:54 18 Jan 20
I'm not that particular for sushi. I went for my wife. The food was good, my wife said excellent, so i guess excellent for sushi 🙂
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