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Affordable comfort food in a relaxed casual atmosphere

Fast Casual
Caribbean, South American

El Mundo

TC Panecaldo
16:29 17 Sep 21
Always great food and good prices
Caroline Vanhee
00:14 03 Aug 21
I've tasted the chicken fajitas it was really nice. The service was good. I also took a margarita miami 🙂
Harm van de Seijp
01:07 13 May 21
Lovely place for lunch with a great view
Fernando Gomes
02:06 01 Feb 21
Amazing food..
J.T. Emers
13:32 05 Jan 21
Always enjoy the service!! The food is also delicious but am there more for the home feeling!! Thank you all for letting me feel welcome, like coming home. Am I repeating??? It is just so good.
John Mitchell
21:11 11 Oct 20
Good food. Reasonable.prices
Silvia Rodríguez
17:05 27 Sep 20
Lovely place and great food.
Jim Clark
11:29 26 Jan 20
Wonderful place. Well recommended
Brantley Charles
17:40 01 Aug 19
Overall solid walk in restaurant. Service wasn’t over the top but food was good and at a good price!
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Where you sit back and we serve a wonderful variety of world favorite food on your plate.

Fast Casual
American, International


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Anrika Rupp
01:36 30 Sep 21
Great place for breakfast. Very nice attendants and great coffee!
Dominique vanA
23:46 20 Sep 21
Got some breakfast and lunch here. Both very good. Fresh and good quality food. Love to come back for more.
Sander H
19:26 20 Sep 21
Come here for breakfast or lunch. Very friendly staff and the bread is the best of the island. Also a great variety of coffees. My advice: sleep in and order one of their delicious sandwiches for brunch! You'll be good to go all day!
Bradley Howard
17:24 07 Jul 21
Great food at lunch. We had smoked salmon salad and “Healthy” sandwich. Good flavor and large portion.
Grace Simply Grace
16:07 28 Jun 21
Panino has been my nr 1 spot when in Bonaire.Love it....
Alex KaSi
13:24 26 Jun 21
Tasty food and great service, we will come again
Chad Michael Lawson
20:20 04 Mar 21
Very very friendly people. Food is very good and very fast. The ambience was lovely as well. All around, great place.
L Koetsier
14:20 21 Jan 21
I loved the food! Great taste and great customer service! Whenever I eat there, it never disappoints! Highly recommend it!
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Panino is a new generation of restaurants, focused on the perfect culinary balance between taste and presentation located on the beautiful island of Bonaire Dutch Caribbean.

Fast Casual
Caribbean, International

Stadscafé Het Consulaat

Markus Pfisterer
17:08 21 Jul 21
Thank you for the great experience and the unforgettable evening. Excellent food prepared by Otto and his team, rounded off by a great ambience and good wine. We will definitely come again. THANK YOU.
Haico Kuut
22:24 22 Jun 21
Cosy place with good quality food and drinks.
Yuri Van Kampen
13:50 31 May 21
Food and drinks are good.Nice garden ambiance restaurant and bar and great service.
Charley Heylen
20:22 03 Sep 20
Everything is just amazing! The setting, the food, the drinks, the staff! I highly recommend to go there and if possible, try their tuna steak!!
Ilse Niessen
15:33 07 Jan 20
Great restaurant! Very friendly staff, very pleasant ambience and the food is delicious. You should def try the 'suikerbrood' dessert, it's so good!
Emma Bowles
12:54 07 Jan 20
Service was great. Food was delicious especially the pork belly! Food was priced well. Definitely recommend
Brian Vermeer
02:53 04 Jan 20
Great crew. Working hard and making you feel at home. Fantastic food for a very decent price.Pro tip: try the flamingo beer on tap
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At Stadscafé Het Consulaat, the flavors, spices and ingredients from the open kitchen pop like never before.

Fast Casual
International, Sea Food

Hillside Bar and Restaurant

Duncan South
18:36 14 Sep 21
Good food and service
Alexander Damascus
22:56 17 Jul 21
I stayed in Hill side for two days, and the rooms were nice. Nice view from the west side of the island. The service and the food was good.
Sally Corey
18:56 29 Jun 21
Great view of Bonaire. Nice bar and pool. The food was good and the service was good.
Robert Soer
04:06 15 May 21
One of the best vegatarian lasagna I have been served for a long time! Theo's Hillside Restaurannt & Bar & Frituur is Top of The Bill!
Timothy Schaeffer
20:40 19 Mar 21
Great location and staff!
Bernadette Dupre
19:48 01 Mar 20
I ordered a mojito before dinner. It was beautifully made. Lots of muddled mint like it should have. Dinner for me was the chicken satay. It was plenty to eat with no appetizer ordered. Veggies and french fries were served with the meal.
Sue Montana
10:24 25 Feb 20
This off-the-beaten-path place had excellent service and the food was very well prepared. The view is very nice and we enjoyed the open air setting. Highly recommend.
theo hos
14:21 18 Feb 20
Tasty offers of the day. Keg beer. And this is rare on Bonaire. Perfect view every evening
Lynnette West
13:50 02 Jan 20
Don’t let the name “apartments” fool you. Went here to eat on New Year’s Eve. Great food, friendly hosts, service is outstanding and the price is right. 7 people, 7 different meals, all outstanding! A definite must eat place.
Asefeh Eskandari
23:36 19 Nov 19
A very fine place to go with kids. It has two swimmingpools and its has several lounge places. I would not recommend the place if you do not like kids. We just went here for a day, didn't stay at the logging
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Hillside is a great restaurant and bar to have dinner or to chat with friends while enjoying a beer or a nice glass of wine.

Tuna Tuesday
Fast Casual
Ice Cream, International


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Hitesh B
02:04 11 Oct 21
Went again today and still 5 stars. A smile on the employees faces can be felt even through the masks. Great vibe
Jandy-ann Curie
21:01 21 Aug 21
Great ice cream flavors and chill place to hang out with family and friends
Colin Combs
22:58 27 Jul 21
Ice cream was great. Sandwich was fair. Staff seemed very put off to be serving us.
Steven Sparkman
20:05 27 Jul 21
Great ice cream with some nice tables outside to enjoy it and see the ocean.
22:55 04 Jul 21
Very good quality ice cream using good materials.
Alex KaSi
04:46 04 Jul 21
Best ice we've tried here. The breakfast is also very good and "Bonaire cheap". You definitely have to check it out
C3 CriticalComm
00:20 28 Jun 21
Nice place to take a coffee break, have a nice ice cream and enjoy your visit.
01:21 24 Jun 21
Awesome food, gelato and service
Claire Cole
16:47 01 Jun 21
Pretty good ice cream. Very small scoops, Gio’s gives you more in the same size cup.
Pierre Perigault Monte
15:53 12 May 21
Nice icecream parlor with beautiful view..
Daniel Piar
20:02 26 Apr 21
Who doesn’t like ice cream, in the hot weather of Bonaire. Great place, very open and great place to relax
Joao Pisco
17:56 11 Apr 21
Very nice icecreams, you can have it and then walk a bit around. The icecreams are good and cheap. A scope is 2 dollars. It's not a big scope but it is cheap, 2 scopes is 3.5 dollars. You have a nice variety of flavours, at least 8 different ones. You can taste that it is fresh.
Chogogo Apartments
17:08 25 Feb 21
Excelent service!!
Karen McNamara
22:37 09 Feb 21
The women working here are lovely people serving up delicious deserts and great coffee It was such a pleasure to safely eat outside and enjoy a piece of cake gelato and a latte
Rob van Temmen
15:46 05 Dec 20
Great place near the water to have all kinds of coffee or icecream.Clean and good service
Audrey Frans
14:25 10 Nov 20
Nice place, great service.
Peter McNiff
14:57 12 Sep 20
The coffee here is packed with flavor and not too strong, which is perfect for me. However, the service really depends on who is working. Some of the staff are attentive and observant, while others have turned ignoring people to the point that once you get their attention and place your order, it may or may not get made. There have been days when waiting 20 minutes for a cappuccino is the norm, and to make it worse these were not busy days. I used to go there on a daily basis, and now maybe once a week.
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Luciano stands for traditional products that are freshly prepared every day working with the most modern ice machines and pure ingredients.

Fast Casual
Caribbean, International

Hang Out Beachbar

Dan Russell
21:10 14 Sep 21
Very chill place with excellent burgers. Nice for families, perfect post windsurf beer or milkshake.
Daniel Womack
20:53 11 Sep 21
Nice chill spot filled with beautiful ocean for shallow wind surfing. The scenery is great there as well.
Wouter Smolders
12:43 31 Aug 21
Totally passed the vibe check. Good music, good food, great drinks and great people!
Ralph Brown
00:23 09 Aug 21
The Hang Out Beachbar is outrageous, just sit down and enjoy ALL the sites and while you're there have a few beers and some really good chicken wings
Kris Mattingly
20:52 23 Jul 21
When you are looking for a cool Caribbean vibe at a beach bar, this is the place. We ate at the bar for lunch and the staff was great!
Jiahui Yeo
09:54 03 Jul 21
easy breezy, even on a hot day. only wish they had more vegan meal options on the menu aside from snacks!
Marc Stair
16:50 07 Jun 21
Good food, great environment!
16:49 18 Apr 21
This is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Right now, I'm sitting outside in North Carolina, thinking longingly about the Hang Out Beachbar. With the brisk breeze blowing in off the bay and the warm sun, the temperature is just perfect. The view, with stunning turquoise water and fantastic wind-surfers showing their moves, is exceptional. The staff are all friendly and enhance the good vibes. The food is good (try the Dutch specialties) and the beer icy cold. Just heaven.
Geoffrey ejzenberg
22:15 10 Sep 20
Gilbert Denise Harvey 👏🏻👊🏻👌🏻💪🏻
Elmeric Thielman (3lmzz)
03:24 09 Sep 20
After a roadtrip to the south, the best place to pitstop get something to drink and eat
hans staring
14:15 08 Sep 20
Best place in town, cold beers, great food.
Joseph Watson
00:53 07 Apr 20
The Hang Out Beachbar is a quintessential beach bar with incredible food. The drinks arrived fairly quickly after ordering and the place was packed. The staff was quite friendly, the drinks were cold. We went back with friends for the Reggae band, not exactly Reggae but it was an incredibly fun time. The music was really good, I could not understand much of the lyrics, but everyone else knew the words to the songs. There was an electricity in the air, everyone was having a wonderful time. There appeared either to be A LOT of locals of just a bunch of Dutch. Lots of people dancing of all age groups.
Bernadette Dupre
08:16 25 Feb 20
Gentle evening breezes, good burgers, great fries, and freinds - it is delightful.
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At a breathtaking location with clear blue water and a nice breeze this is the perfect place for a great hang-out!

Table BBQ on Thursday
Fast Casual
Caribbean, South American

Eddy’s Restaurant

Joshua N.
00:14 06 Oct 21
Service was great. Some of the best service on the island. The food was good and the atmosphere was good. The inside outside atmosphere was great even with it being windy. The manager was fantastic along with all the staff.
Susan Falcone
15:36 24 Sep 21
Stopped there a couple of Bonaire vacations ago - we were hungry, tired, and Eddy's was right by where we were staying. What a find! The meal then was perfect with fish, well-prepared and seasoned vegetables, and of course dessert. We've since returned on subsequent vacations and have been treated to the same fine quality and warm ambiance. We've most often gotten fish of the day which they do an excellent job of cooking - not too much, not too little. Everything has been delicious!Eddy's has a very nice layout because tables aren't crammed together and the high ceiling plus open air aspect are so comfortable. Be sure to apply bug spray before visiting if you're as delicious to mosquitos as I am. But then this piece of advice applies to any open air restaurant on Bonaire.Everyone working there was welcoming. A special shout out to our main server Bompeti! May you always have that infectious joy for living.A meal at Eddy's is time and money well spent. So worth it!
Robert P
19:57 17 Sep 21
We loved Eddy's and will definitely be back. The food was great and Bompeti provided fun and efficient service. We will be back!
Brad Cox
13:23 08 Sep 21
We absolutely loved Eddy's! The selection was great, the serving size and quality of the food was perfect. The staff were very attentive and super friendly. We considered this one of the best meals we had on the island!!
Yoginder Rambocus
18:48 26 Aug 21
I wish we would have discovered this restaurant at the beginning of our holiday. It was the best restaurant we ate at. Delicious food and outstanding friendly service. Great ambiance! We will definitely visit again!
Beth Price
00:20 25 Aug 21
A big shout out to Robert, Frer and Bompeti. Great food, service and music!
Will Daitch
19:47 08 Aug 21
This is one of our two favorite restaurants in Bonaire (the other is across the street, very casual, Doner Station). They like for you to make a reservation and spend some time there, but on this occasion we forgot and popped in anyway at 6pm. Every table had a reserved sign on it, but they kindly seated us and asked that we be finished before 8 -- no problem! We love to sit outdoors near the beautiful pool drinking their delicious beverages, especially the Cadillac Margaritas. Every dish is superb. I had excellent quesadillas and my wife had an awesome shrimp dish. The salad with goat cheese rocks. Best of all is the service. It is always such a pleasure to meet the staff at Eddy's. Our favorite waiter on this planet is Bompeti. You have got to meet him. Talented, sweet, smart and just a wonderful person, Bompeti, from Congo! We will always return to Eddy's.
Jennifer Titus
02:13 30 Jun 21
Wow! What a surprise. Had been passing by for two weeks, finally stopped and we were very pleasantly surprised. ALL servers were kind, fun and helpful. Food was fantastic including the house salad, Empanaditas, Grilled Tenderloin, and Tres Leches!! This is one to which we will return!
Main Media
01:38 12 Jun 21
Eddy’s is a must visit for Bonaire. The rum cocktails are fantastic and the appetizers are excellent. I recommend sitting with Alexandra for your server. She is super nice and really knows the menu. A great dinner!
01:08 14 May 21
We are on vacation in Bonaire for 10 days and doing most of the cooking ourselves. We are only going out to restaurants 3 times and needed to choose wisely. We were looking for a restaurant on the waterfront but came across Eddy's on the review site. Even though it isn't on the water we thought we'd give it a try based on the reviews and menu.Eddy's did not disappoint! The staff was very friendly and all wore masks. They are only open a few days a week because of Covid and it would have been nice to see more people here because the food was so good. I started with a Cadillac Margarita and it was very yummy and not lacking on tequila! My partner and I both had beef dishes, she had the green peppercorn filet and I had the beef emince. The beef on both dishes was perfectly cooked!! We had so much food we ended up taking some home!We topped off the night with some Gran Marnier and their dessert which like a flan ( can't remember the name!). Alexandra was very polite and at the table when we needed something. We would definitely go back to Eddy's!! The atmosphere was perfect and the food was delicious! Thank you!
Sandra Smallwood
23:45 12 Feb 21
We had dinner at Eddy's tonight sooo good! I had a great glass of chardonnay( just asked for house ) followed by crab cake appetizer with wonderful sauce. Then we shared a creamy soup ajiaco and Coco Loco shrimp. Wonderful and great service reasonably priced.
ayleth diaz
10:26 11 Sep 20
Great place, great food, great service... just perfect
Kim Speare
21:03 12 Mar 20
Really great atmosphere . . .fun! The food was delicious! Our server, Bonpeti, was great. Friendly, knowledgeable. We were celebrating my dad's birthday and when they found out they brought over some cake! Really nice place! Will definitely return.
Mack Hucks
00:39 03 Mar 20
Wow, fantastic dinner. The vegetables were better than any we find back home. We both had fish which was excellent. Great service by Bompeti.
Todd Channell
23:29 26 Jan 20
Nice place. The quesadilla was great. My wife had the Margarita Salmon she loved it.Our server Bompeti was fun and we followed his suggestions. Thumbs up
Jeffrey Pelletier
01:28 16 Jan 20
Food was good need to have more help serving the customers
Fred Davidson
02:17 15 Jan 20
We really enjoyed the food and service. Ask your server their recommendation...we were not disappointed. The Ajiaco soup and cheesecake were exceptional!! Portions are healthy, so bring your appetite!Live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The artist is a bit of a character and the music was good. Open M-F 6 to 11pm (kitchen closes at 10). We WILL return. Make a reservation to ensure you can be seated.
Rob Brodie
01:32 14 Jan 20
Would have given 5 star as the food was great, bit we had to wait over an hour to get the food.
Nela Jules
03:51 21 Nov 19
Very good food, excellent service, nice surrounding. A place to feel comfortable 👌🏻
Tim Marshall
01:22 09 Feb 19
Just seriously the best place to go for dinner! Their food is top notch and all the servers are amazing and lots of fun! We come here every year on our 2 week vacation. See you next year!!
Wendy Emelianoff
01:33 19 Dec 18
I ordered the Local market which the catch of the day and goat. The fish was wahoo, which was tasty. The goat was delicious but loaded with bones. They request that you make reservations and come prepared to spend 1-2 hours there. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. There was live music. Definitely will go back
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Eddy’s Restaurant is a family run and owned restaurant. When you come to our family restaurant we want you to feel at home.

Fast Casual
International, Mediterranean

Sebastian’s Beach

Al Hillery
02:19 25 Sep 21
Incredible experience.Fantastic service, beautiful vistas, excellent menu and phenomenal service. We had the tuna trio / tenderloin carpaccio, lobster pabdette / house special. Everything was spectacular!Easily in the to ten meals we've ever had. Good enough to come to beck to the island just for the meal.
Claudia Elizondo
18:34 19 Sep 21
I will go and say I'm sure it's one of the most beautiful restaurants in bonaire. The location is perfect, so you can eat looking at the gorgeous ocean and if you are lucky can enjoy the sunset. Food is delicious and service is very friendly. Tjey have options for kids as well. Yoi can park your car very close to the entry. Prices are higher that other restaurants but honestly the place and presentation are amazing. Truly worth it.
Wouter Smolders
12:41 31 Aug 21
You need to see this place with the sunset. Best place for couples imo.
Quintin Lourens
17:19 24 Aug 21
If you like fine dining, you would appreciate this place. It has an amazing view of the ocean which pairs nicely with a sunset dinner.Be sure to make a reservation ahead of schedule.If you do not like fine dining, I would not recommend this place as you will be left hungry and will pay alot more than what you plan for.
Micaela Martinelli
04:07 22 Aug 21
Very nice ocean front dinning location. Fish trio was good (a little small) but fresh and delicious! Great wine options.
Sally Corey
00:19 23 Jul 21
Everything is spectacular, the ambiance, view, food and service. Don't miss this one it's great.
Olivia Barbier
16:00 10 Jun 21
Fantastic service, awesome food, amazing view!
Maria Varela Put
17:01 21 May 21
Hands down best Italian style pizza. Goat cheese, fig is my favourite!
Theo OnTour
13:39 05 Mar 21
Great food, swift service and splendid sunset views! My starter was the octopus carpaccio, which was quite tasty.For mains I had the bavette steak with shrimps. Steak was cooked well and I liked the mushroom sauce.Staff was attentive and served us with a smile.Will hopefully come back again soon!
Scott Schriever
17:53 07 Feb 21
Amazing views, service, and modern vibe make this tucked away restaurant well worth your consideration.
Katherine Dresser
12:23 04 Nov 20
Excellent evening - food, service and ambiance were incredible. Special shout out to Sebastian for the incredible service. We can't wait to come back.
12:42 08 Feb 20
Do not expect fast service!!!We ordered the lobster bisque, it comes in a large bowl half filled.Three tiny little pieces of lobster in a terrible broth. Sent it back!!!The calamari appetizer thou was delicious.Our mains were the shrimp with pastaand octopus with mixed in to pasta.They were both good but lacked the main ingredients (shrimp and octopus)!!One would expect when ordering this type of meal to see large pieces of seafood, not tiny little pieces in a very small portion.The service was super slow, we waited about 20 minutes For the check!!, enough was enough, we ended up going to the cashier and finally paid for our meals minus a tip.
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Beach bar and restaurant located at Sorobon Beach on the island of Bonaire. For Breakfast, lunch and early dinner.