Casual Dining Restaurants on Bonaire

For those who want to dine in a relaxed casual atmosphere

Casual Dining
Caribbean, International

Oscar Lighthouse

Corinne Bruggeman
12:36 08 Aug 21
Had a lovely, romantic dinner for two here. My beef tenderloin was cooked perfectly rare. A good selection of wine, attentive staff and outstanding food. I definitely recommend Oscar Lighthouse as a part of their stay on Bonaire.
Matt Garratt
04:10 07 Aug 21
This restaurant was utterly fantastic. The food was of high quality, as was the wine and also the service. I would definitely recommend this place. We sat with a full view of the harbour during the sunset which was lovely. The waiting staff did an excellent job and I am struggling to think of somewhere that I have received better service. Outstanding!
ReidnLori Kincaid
18:48 25 Jul 21
Fantastic location, delicious food, and service that is fit for a king. We had a MARVELOUS time. I got the SURPRISE dinner ...$37 for surprise teaser, appetizer, main course, and dessert and it was really great. We were seated on the water and saw a green turtle swimming in the harbor waters near our table. What a thrill! The owner came to ensure all was well. Everyone helpful and friendly. I would try to reserve a waterfront table and have a marvelous evening here.
Darlynne Pecorelli
19:39 03 Jul 21
Excellent lunch - tried the $15 lunch special ... beef stew, tuna noodle salad, bitteballrn and a shot of shrimp bisque- all very good!
Sally Corey
21:08 16 Jun 21
Nice place in the marina on the water. Good food, good service and very friendly. We had dinner with friends there and it was really good.
Claire Cole
20:40 30 May 21
Amazing food and worth the price!!! I loved eating here and I hope this restaurant wins the culinary contest. Such kind service and extraordinary flavors. Even the complimentary bread with three different spreads was delicious. Please try this place during your stay.(Ordered the Carpaccio and Filet with the Rum Cake Dessert plus the Tortellini and the Catch of the Day Grouper.)
To Ku
00:45 21 May 21
Beautiful view over the harbour, good food and nice atmosphere and service.
Maideline Martijn
21:24 18 May 21
Nice cozy venue with great food
J.T. Emers
18:03 01 May 21
Nice view, good food, excellent service.
Adely Jansen
19:40 27 Apr 21
Great Lunch in pleasant atmosphere @ reasonable price
John Mitchell
11:44 04 Mar 21
Lovely outlook. Good food and service
Harriet and Russ Whitehouse
11:21 11 Oct 20
This has to be one of the best restaurants on the island. The food is beautifully presented and I can't fault what we ordered. Service is excellent and the location, overlooking the marina, is very attractive.
Ryota Matsui
01:40 02 Oct 20
Great service, great dishes and great experience! The waitress knew everything what she served, enthusiastic about her drinks/foods and super social. She told us about all the highlights (what was able to visit on the island) during lockdown. Jonathan, excuse me if I wrote your name wrong, a young guy but super social. Really accessible with multiple languages as Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamento. No language barriers here!Also the chef came along for a little smalltalk and told us about all the fresh ingredients.Best restaurant I have visited so far on Bonaire.If you're on the island, I would really recommend to hop by for the best breakfast, lunch or dinner!
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Fresh ingredients, deeply rinsed in elderflower water. locally homegrown ingredients, really the purest of all sorts. An experience to never forget.

Casual Dining
Peruvian, Steakhouse

Tasty Bar and Steakhouse

Daniel Boyan
23:00 26 Aug 21
Fantastic food. From steak to fish to lamb chops and everything in between. Come hungry to enjoy several courses. Great people.
Ralph Brown
18:56 13 Aug 21
Another great restaurant in Bonaire, the food was excellent, cooked to perfection and the beer was cold. When and if you go sit in the back of the restaurant its cooler. Enjoy.RGB.
Matt Garratt
03:59 07 Aug 21
First time eating at a Peruvian restaurant and I was not disappointed. I had the ribs and I must say, they were probably the best spare ribs I've ever had! The sauce on the ribs was perfect and the meat was succulent, yet came clean off the bone. The restaurant itself was nice and the staff were helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Igor Razbornik
12:11 05 Feb 21
Now is a Peruvian restaurant... And is really tasty. Have been returning few times... Recommended.
Brandon Bollinger
03:56 13 Oct 20
My favorite restaurant on the island. The food is authentic Peruvian food, so much flavor and so much heart. Their head chef Moises is an incredible and talented chef, and was super nice to us coming out to check in on how our food was. I look forward to coming back and eating some amazing Peruvian food!!!
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This Peruvian Restaurant is located in downtown Kralendijk. Their speciality, the Peruvian Ceviche is made from fresh fish!

trocadero restaurant on Bonaire
Casual Dining
Grill, International


Caco Aldeia
00:04 15 Oct 21
Michael. Was an amazing host, we had a great night and the food was great!!!
Giovanni Wester
02:57 29 Sep 21
Nice ambience and place. Big boy steak was good, waiter very attentive. The ambience is nice together with the lights and the street close to it. There is a security outside to check on safety. We went twice and on friday they had a small band and on saturday it was karaoke with a lot of fun and good old songs. Recommended place for chill and entertainment.
J.T. Emers
22:42 28 Aug 21
Twice we were given a chance to stay even though we had not made a reservation up front. Very grateful for that!Good service, and delicious food. And the music 🎶 🎵 is very enjoyable 😉!
Melisa Minier
00:08 21 Aug 21
Meh. We had multiple people with us but 6 of us didn't get our food until the rest of everyone finished eating. My rare steak was delivered well done. Beautiful building though. Beautiful views.
Smooth Operators Bonaire
01:31 04 Aug 21
Nice music good food
Ron R
18:17 27 Jul 21
The ribs were great. Probably best ribs I've had at a restaurant. Service was really slow though. Took an hour for entrees to come out. The waitress was hard to find to get more drinks too. If you decide to go, bring bug spray or you won't be the only one eating.
Alex KaSi
04:45 04 Jul 21
Great food, okay cocktails. Bring some time if you want to eat, always pretty crowded
Coen van Gennip
00:28 14 Jun 21
Had a fantastic afternoon and evening with my friends. We watched a football match on the big screens, the vibe was awesome!
Grace Winklaar
16:27 12 Jun 21
Was fun and I recommend the place
Yuri Van Kampen
13:51 31 May 21
Nice and spacious restaurant and bar on weekends life music. Food is good and friendly staff.
Pierre Perigault Monte
17:44 26 May 21
Nice, cosy spot to enjoy a drink and a bite...live music!
Mila Dorothea
07:47 14 Feb 21
Sweeg dishes and drinks. On the menu card they have special of the day
Carmel & Crusita de Palm-Leoneta
00:56 02 Nov 20
Nice place for dinner,good food and very friendly service.Was there with my family (23) persons and on saturday with wife. Outstanding.
Elmeric Thielman (3lmzz)
03:32 09 Sep 20
Good evenings dinner with entertainment and cozy environment close by the caribbean seas
Silvia Mitchell
04:15 22 Aug 20
Great place. Excellent food
jeff g.
14:48 11 Mar 20
Very nice setup with Caribbean vibe. Good music. Food very average for the meat. Also having a European owned restaurant still service plastic straw is disconcerting
Robert McIntire
17:47 07 Jan 20
Had a great lunch here while in Port. Tokio chicken sandwich and taco salad were fantastic! Not your average sandwich and salad - amazing flavor. Bar service was great. We would definitely come back!!
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Trocadero located at the main boulevard in Kralendijk is the place to be for tasty food, delicious drinks and the best live music!

Casual Dining
Grill, International

Umbrella Restaurant

Ian Kaplan
19:29 05 Oct 21
Pleasant Portside DiningThere have been at least two restaurants in the space where Umbrellas is located. The Umbrellas remodel is very attractive making this an enjoyable place to have dinner.The restaurant is located right across from the Bonaire port. We were there when there were not ships in at the port, but I know from dining at nearby restaurants that it can be noisy when containers are being unloaded.The good was excellent and the service was fast and friendly (Bonaire service is usually friendly).There were three of us taking advantage of the Bonaire Culinare fixed price menu. Two of us had steaks, while the other person had salmon. We enjoyed the food and plan to return to sample other items on the menu.
Saludable Hoy Con Leydi
18:39 20 Aug 21
Great atmosphere, the best cocktails on the island and the best background music. I recommend it 100%
Heagil E.B. Jiménez
15:12 18 Aug 21
Tremendous service, good food, nice vibe!
Raquel Spanner
11:56 16 Aug 21
Tasty simple dining. Nice atmosphere. Service was ok. Great view
J.T. Emers
00:18 07 May 21
Good food! Nice service. Awesome cocktails, and would truly recommend it! Thursday night lady's night is a blast. Thank you!
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A great place where locals meet and friends come together. Oceanfront location with a charming decor.

Casual Dining
International, South American

Cuba Compagnie

Carolyn Schokker
17:34 04 Sep 21
Had a amazing dinner with the family for my B-day on Thursday September 2nd 2021, service was great and food was excellent. I had a seafood pasta and it was one of the best i ever had!!!
Wouter Smolders
12:47 31 Aug 21
Great place and great food. Would love to comeback sometime.
Matt Garratt
04:03 07 Aug 21
Outside seating and atmosphere was good. Staff were friendly and accommodating. The food and drinks were also very nice. My dessert came in an oversized glass which, although clearly a gimmick, was a little cheesy, hence the 4 out of 5. Everything else was very good though. Would recommend.
Ron R
14:05 28 Jul 21
Best restaurant we've been to on Bonaire in terms of food and service. Crispy bread with pulled pork was delicious. Pork was cooked perfectly, mozzarella, mustard, cilantro- came together great. We ordered the beef fajitas as our entree. Beef might've been slightly salty, but it was fork tender and really amazing. Outdoor venue so wear bug spray.
Holger Ort
02:24 28 Jul 21
Great food, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. I had the veggie tapas which were amazing. The fish and the kids fish menu was delicious too. Free ice cream with every kids menu!
Tom Baartman
03:12 26 Jul 21
great hospitality, nice food and good rum and sigars: do I need to say more?
Kris Mattingly
01:22 21 Jul 21
I like the attentive staff. The food was excellent!
Alex KaSi
04:56 04 Jul 21
Good cocktails but a pretty boring ambiente compared to other locals in that region . Some great music would definitely upgrade that local
Ingrid Townsend
17:47 10 Jun 21
Best atmosphere in Bonaire ! Great food & drinks . Michael at the bar knows well all drinks , also a great convesation , great staff !!! They make you feel welcomed & at home !!! Highly recommend !!!
Mila Dorothea
07:44 14 Feb 21
Very lovely place to be in playa
Heagil E.B. Jiménez
15:13 21 Jan 21
Fast service, good food!
Eddy Trenidad
01:07 04 Jan 21
Rib Eye was amazing with the blue cheese on top and mushroom sauce 🔥🔥🔥 perfect wine tomgo along with 🍷Great service and fast.Most definitely recommended 👌🏽
Kathy Robinson
23:31 23 Dec 20
One of the best meals ever. Have never tasted Black Bean Soup as good as this. A MUST try!*Edit-We ate here 3 X during our 2 week stay.
Jonortet 86
20:00 08 Oct 20
Average food. You can tell a lot of things come out of a can. Service and atmosphere are good.
Olivia Barbier
23:45 08 Feb 20
Good looking people, good looking staff... great tasting food. What more could you ask for? Top five places to eat on Bonaire. Very good Japanese salad on the dinner menu. Fast service.
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The place to meet, to talk, to laugh and to dance. Celebrating life in Cuba is rule number one and so it is at Cuba Compagnie!

Casual Dining
American, International

Blennies Bonaire

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Joshua N.
18:00 14 Oct 21
I like Buddy Dive but I think Blennies needs to change. The service isn't the greatest and the menu could use a change. It is easy to stay and eat at the resort but the menu gets old quick and is expensive. You can go to a restaurant on the island outside of the resort and pay similar cost for a better meal.Blennies could benefit greatly from a daily special. Catch of the day really isn't a daily special.
Daniel Womack
22:05 02 Sep 21
Love the fish burger. Get it every time I am there which is way too often..
Sander Nolen
01:29 11 Aug 21
Fantastic place, great food at reasonable prices and what a view
Gandy Mauricio
01:31 26 Jul 21
All-u-can eat on fridays with good food.
Sally Corey
19:14 14 Jul 21
Love this place. Right on the ocean, casual dining under an open air structure. Good food and good service.
Pierre Perigault Monte
19:24 21 May 21
Great view...a must visit place.
Kelvin King
20:11 17 Feb 21
The service is great, friendly people. Great view!
14:54 16 Feb 21
I love coming here. Super affordable, really great comfort food and the best sunset view. I definitely recommend!
Thomas Kühn
13:01 17 Nov 20
We stayed in the Buddy Dive Resort for two weeks in September 2020 so of course we also had a couple of dinners in the Blennies. Very kindly service, good food and always with the view on the sunset!
Carolyn Schokker
00:20 05 Sep 20
Had a great lunch!
15:42 07 Mar 20
Best pizza on the island and drinks as strong as necessary. Setting is sea side and beautiful..views for every desire! Go you wont b disappointed!
Keith Dalton
01:47 13 Aug 19
I have been traveling to Bonaire since 1991 and have been staying at Buddy Dive since 2015. Blennies is one of the on-site restaurants where you can eat lunch or dinner. Great atmosphere, fantastic view of the ocean, and delightful Dutch waiters/waitresses. Don’t expect to have speedy service, but then again you’re on an island and on vacation. Make sure to visit the other on property restaurant....Ingredients.
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Every day is a celebration, whether it’s a cocktail with friends or simply savoring the international and local dishes in a beautiful oceanfront setting.

Thursday's All You Can Eat Ribs Night
Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Breeze ‘n Bites

Ian Kaplan
13:26 07 Sep 21
Breeze 'n Bites is on the bottom floor of the Den Laman condos. There is a great view of the Caribbean Sea. The food is good, as is the friendly service. We often go to Breeze 'n Bites for "burger night" on Thursday. Be sure to make a reservation since burger night can be popular.
Bas de Jong
01:07 08 Aug 21
Lovely food
Adely Jansen
18:24 18 Dec 20
Great food!
Yhanni Arepas
11:51 16 Oct 20
Excellent service
Roses M
12:03 11 Jul 20
Delicious Arepita with cheese, good coffee and also a glas of fresh home made juice.
Rosanne Boyan
12:44 10 Jul 20
Enjoyed juicy and perfectly seasoned $9 burgers at BURGER NIGHT yesterday. The servers were attentive and the portions plentiful.
Jonha Dumont
16:21 09 Mar 20
Very nice view for happy hour
Jeff Freisinger
01:07 17 Jan 20
Awesome food. Great view, on the ocean. Great service.
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Breeze ‘n Bites is an intimate waterfront restaurant at Den Laman. Our menu changes according to what is freshly available.

Thursday Dive Masters Burger Night: Dive Burger for just $10,-
Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

It Rains Fishes

Linn O
23:59 07 Sep 21
Good food, except poor combo of salmon and risotto. Not enough food for us americans.
Josh Jordan
21:31 06 Aug 21
Food here was excellent, I’d even go so far as saying it was the best meal we had whilst on Bonaire. Staff was friendly and attentive as well as being very accommodating to my keto eating preference.
00:05 02 Aug 21
Had the lunch special here. Really great location and great prices for lunch. Dinner looks promising as a courses meal, but we didn't try it.
Jesse Abeler
03:01 24 Jul 21
We had a great night out here. Food came out appropriately hot or cold, and a reasonable amount of time for a group of 10. Our waitress did an excellent job with our orders, everything was correct and tasted great. Good value, good drinks. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice restaurant.
Brutal But Honest
13:55 21 Jul 21
If I could reward you with 6 stars I would.It Rains everything at your restaurant.What a relaxing establishment.The staff, the vibe, the drinks and ofcourse the food.Quality of food is mouth watering and the staff really knows what wine goes well with the choice of your meal.Keeping in mind what your preference are.Tip : give your staff a raise.I will most definitely be back.
20:33 10 Jul 21
We ordered the 3 course menu with cerviche, and tuna sashimi as starters ; tuna 3 way and catch of the day as main course and Lucian icecream cake as dessert. It is overall a good meal. Especially the tuna and icecream cake were a delight.
Dean Starovasnik
01:26 10 Jun 21
Service is very European which to us yanks feels slow. But if you relax and enjoy the experience the food is excellent. Even the beef tenderloin at a seafood place was outstanding!
Mercedes Engelhardt
12:20 18 Feb 21
Food was delicious. Service was super.
Hanna Copini
02:53 15 Feb 21
What i like most about this restaurant, are the good vibes and the food proportions! The three course menu is delicious. We had spicy ceviche and the catch of the day. Very nicely prepared. Dessert was a treat! Coconut-heaven. Waiters are lovely and fast! Excellent service. Make a reservation!
Adely Jansen
21:29 25 Jan 21
Great food in the open air located @ the malecon across the caribbean sea
Anastasia Senina
22:13 05 Jan 21
We took red snapper, ceviche and tuna carpaccio. All meals were fresh and delicious. Fantastic desserts. Very friendly service.
Janira Kelkboom
02:04 28 Dec 20
Nice dinning with gr8 wine
Ashja Bosboom
12:18 18 Nov 20
Very nice entourage, friendly staff and good food
Theo OnTour
02:01 17 Aug 20
Visited this restaurant with colleagues. Decided to go for their three-course meal. I had the carpaccio as a starter. The meat was just a tad too soft in my opinion, but taste and presentation was ok.For mains I picked the catch of the day, which was red snapper. Loved the sauce, and the fish filet was cooked well, but it still contained a few leftover pieces of fish bone.And for dessert I chose the brownie cake with chocolate sauce, which was quite delicious.Overall a pleasant visit, with very courteous and professional staff.
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It Rains Fishes is a modern restaurant with a beautiful view over the Caribbean Sea, ideally located on the boulevard of Kralendijk.

Casual Dining
Grill, International

The Beach Bonaire

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Duncan South
15:34 10 Sep 21
Good food and cocktails very good service
Stephan Caïtucoli
09:12 02 Aug 21
Very nice venue with sea access for bathing. Kind and efficient staff. I recommend
Madaline Werleman
01:13 03 Jul 21
Good food, the best service
Frans van der Horst
20:41 26 Jun 21
We had a great evening with drinks and snacks. Highly recommended
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The Beach Club at Grand Windsock Bonaire draws you into the island’s laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Joe’s Restaurant

Carla Hueck Martina
10:53 18 Jul 21
Very very good
John Okelly
17:02 10 Jul 21
Best food and service on the island.
Dennis Martinus
03:05 06 Jul 21
Delicious food with a personal touch service.
Gillian Janga
01:56 17 Jun 21
Great food and service
Tamoghna Banerjee
02:32 20 Mar 20
Very nice place. Good quality of food.
Jens F.
03:14 15 Mar 20
Perfect! Bart&Jessica&Team doing a perfect job. Chancing menues with diverent specials of the day. Brilliant fish, good meat, fine appetisers, good wines and beers and drinks. Our absolut favorite since 2013! Prices are very OK!Bart is a joung engaged cook who is always looking for new tasty brilliant meals and innovations. We discussed with him in evening tlking blaablaas about cooking special things. He is on a good way!
Tony Sommerdyk
01:17 29 Feb 20
Catch of the day was excellent. Wait staff was attentive and never interfering. Beautiful breeze on a warm evening outdoors.
Kagamusha SW
23:12 07 Sep 19
A good restaurant for sit-down dining. Full bar and menu. Parking is free and easy. My wahoo special was excellent. Dining is Al fresco or under a roof open to the road. Try their Yess liquor for dessert.
Eric Sanders
22:22 29 Jul 19
Nice restaurant with friendly staff. Had dinner there on our day of arrival and came in quite late. No problem for our waitress. Our orders where served quickly and with a smile. We will definitely return here
Mark R Brady
14:17 25 Mar 19
This is a great restaurant. It's a Dutch restaurant that serves very good food. It has a great selection of craft beer. I had the fish of the day that was Cod. It was very good. This place is casual dress but it is definitely a 5 star restaurant.
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Enjoy the casual and friendly atmosphere at Joe’s while having a tasty meal together with a good wine, beer or cocktail.

Casual Dining
Mediterranean, Tapas


Tim Klarkowski
03:37 24 Sep 21
This place was great! Ended up going several times on my last trip to Bonaire. The food was delicious and super well priced. The bartender, Christian, was phenomemal; he is truly dedicated to his craft. Was great chatting with him and the owner! Great food, amazing drinks, good value, and phenomenal staff. Nothing but good stuff to say. Do yourself a favor and check this place out!
Meggie Salomonsz
01:15 04 Sep 21
Absolutely fantastic cocktails and very nice food. Also a good veggie selection. We’ll be back soon!
Leanne Pinkerton
11:06 12 Aug 21
Great variety of delicious food perfect for sharing with friends while enjoying their lovely sangria.
Julia Ann Hurst
01:08 07 Aug 21
Amazing food. Everything was unique and favorable. Amazing service....will go again soon.
Dennis Martinus
03:00 11 Jun 21
Very delicious food is served here.The portions are small but the taste is huge!
Daniel Piar
20:06 26 Apr 21
Great food , nice ambiance, good staf but the tap beer could be a bit colder.
christiaan zweers
11:16 25 Apr 21
We love dining here, the service is great and you get your food quickly. 10/10 experience always!
John Mitchell
12:06 02 Mar 21
Food great. Service too. Music night really good
Diane Giesswein
11:36 14 Jan 21
The service and food was excellent.We had the Shrimp Bisque and Red Snapper with a mango salsa.There are many other Tapas on menu we want try , so we will definitely be back.
TC Panecaldo
01:58 07 Jan 21
The food was great fair amount of food and the price was wonderful and the service was good can ask for much more than that
Gijs van der Laan
19:13 22 Nov 20
Food is great and staff are friendly. Is recommend the lava cake as a dessert specifically!
Pierre Perigault Monte
09:15 13 Nov 20
Great staff...excellent wine.
Dana J.
13:44 01 Oct 20
OverratedI had high hopes for this restaurant. However a big disappointment; my red snapper was extremely dry and hard to chew, although the relish on the top was good. And the baked vegetables I was so much looking forward to seemed to me to be fried and were swimming in oil, so much so that I couldn't even finish this small tapa. Three stars are for the excellent service, otherwise even one star would be a compliment.
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Tapas restaurant in the center of Kralendijk on Bonaire serving delicious small dishes.

Tapas Platter for 2 Persons
Casual Dining
International, Pizza

Rum Runners

Tracy Powers
12:58 11 Oct 21
The pizza oven is amazing! But the lunch/dinner menu is too limited. I would like to see chicken tenders, soup of the day, or a chicken sandwich on the menu for simple eaters. The breakfast buffet was wonderful.
Giovanni Wester
23:55 25 Sep 21
Nice place. The ambience is nice. It has bar at one side and restaurant at the other. Reservation is recommended otherwise you might not find a spot. If you are not guests of Captain Dons Habitat you need to park outside on the street, there is a security so no worries, you then walk to the place. They server great Cucumber Mojito and a lot of other signature drinks and cocktails. Food is delicious.. Nice place for a good night out
19:23 25 Aug 21
Wonderful view, very nice staff and great food! And... when we were there some sharks swam by😄
Jonas Ladekjaer
04:06 04 Aug 21
Went here on a whim because everything else was full up. Great vibes, delicious pizza and an opinionated cat - what’s not to love?
Steven Sparkman
20:09 27 Jul 21
Good late night drinks, attentive staff and decent pizza.
Brutal But Honest
19:38 20 Jul 21
Nice place for lunch (Had the chicken quesadilla) it was excellent, but your floor staff can use some training in how to interact with guests.Add some music while y'all at it.
Kris Mattingly
11:34 20 Jul 21
Everything was great! Friendly staff and delicious pizza.
Emely Ruiz-dos Santos
14:42 21 Jun 21
I went for fathersday. Once a month they have special 3 course menu. The rest of the month you can enjoy food from the cart. The place is nice and the view is relaxing. The service is great.
Kim Smed
02:33 31 May 21
We weren't drinking but the bartender was pouring some pretty good looking drinks. We had some food which was actually pretty darn good. Pizza and Sticky Chicks. Those are chicken skewers. The portions size was a little small but the food and presentation were very good. Pizza is "cracker" crust. We never ran out of water and he was quick to ask if we needed another coke.
To Ku
00:47 21 May 21
Beautiful view over the ocean and perfect for Sunset dinner. Good food and drinks, also the service was great.
Adely Jansen
14:25 03 May 21
Great Ambiance with sea view...Great Food and excellent service @ a reasonable price
Daniel Piar
20:48 26 Apr 21
Rum runners great place to get pizza I always get the barbecue chicken pizza it’s Really good the crust is on the thin side that’s that’s how the pizza crust is so one person can eat a whole pizza and you wouldn’t be that full. Great place to hang out with friends or family have some pizza and some drinks to staff is great awesome bartenders make make good cocktails.
Matthew Davies
22:12 12 Apr 21
The ceviche was on point! Incredible view and terrace overlooking the water.
Irène Irene
18:10 07 Feb 21
Friendly staff & excellent food nicely presented!
Carmel & Crusita de Palm-Leoneta
03:00 21 Dec 20
Friendly and fast service, always with a smile, the place to be for dinner, ask for the ribeye
Harriet and Russ Whitehouse
00:24 23 Nov 20
Nice thin crust pizza. Excellent service and lovely location.
Ashja Bosboom
14:03 23 Oct 20
Beautiful place and good food. Would go there again
Carolyn Schokker
00:19 05 Sep 20
Amazing breakfast at Rum Runners
Kate Butler
17:44 07 Feb 20
We live on Bonaire and Rum Runners is our go-to restaurant for ourselves and when we have visitors. We tell ourselves whenever we want to remember why we moved here, we eat at Rum Runners. It's directly on the ocean and every table has an ocean view.The food is terrific. Wide variety of dishes, and we think they do the best burgers on the island. You can also get fajitas, great pizza, steaks, chicken, fish and pasta. Prices are reasonable and the staff is terrific. Most of them have been there for years. We're there every Wednesday night, a standing date with our friends.They also do buffet nights, and Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. There is a separate bar there and their gift shop stays open late. We think they have the best souvenirs on the island and frequently wander in there after dinner.During high season it's smart to make a reservation for dinner. At lunch you can just walk in.
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Our beautifully designed oceanfront restaurant & cocktailbar are situated on one of the most amazing spots of Bonaire.

Casual Dining
International, Sea Food

Ocean Oasis Bonaire

Jonas Ladekjaer
04:13 04 Aug 21
Except for the limited entry into the ocean from this oasis, it was a great spot to get a little tipsy and chill out hard for a day. Our server Ray was top notch and brought this rating up a bit. thanks for it Ray.Had poke bowls for lunch that hit the spot!
Vida Maria
14:16 03 Aug 21
Hi there! This is a review of my experience at Ocean Oasis.Let’s talk about the good things first.The place is gorgeous. It has a cute little store when you can buy beautiful swimwear and small souvenirs. The beach is gorgeous. I saw more things but my main focus was the restaurant; which I attended with some family and friends.The location is also in nice spot.Now let’s talk about the things that need improvement.The service: The service here was horrible.We were seated and asked if we wanted some drinks. The drinks came after quite a while,then the server never came back! Everyone got there on time so we were all seated waiting for someone to come help us. By this time, all drinks were also finished. After waiting about 30/40 minutes someone came, after us raising our hand. The server we then got was not very kind either. Their excuse was that it was very full and they were understaffed. The place was not full, but they were understaffed so we understood. But that does not excuse the fact we had to wait so long. The food itself is fine. It’s not amazing but just fine. It did come beautifully garnished so that was a plus.This is why I think this restaurant deserves 3 stars from me. If the service was better it would have been a solid 4.In the end we had a nice time.This is not intended to hurt or offend anybody. As I said before, this was MY experience.
Merrill Lunt
19:28 05 Jul 21
We own a villa on Bonaire & highly recommend the ocean oasis to our guests. It’s a wonderful way to pamper yourself while on Bonaire. The views are excellent the food is delicious and the drinks are refreshing. The staff is well trained to make sure all of their guests are comfortable all day long.
Frans van der Horst
20:40 26 Jun 21
Nice relaxed beach club. Ambiance, good food and nice people watching
John Dohmen
20:20 23 Jun 21
More a restaurant with beach beds than a beach club. There is actually no beach to enter the sea. Not our type of place for a beach day. But maybe good for others. Beach beds come with a beach towel and a bottle of water.
Peter Zeisser
20:21 31 May 21
Love it! Great place to enjoy a day at the beach and to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.
To Ku
00:42 21 May 21
Very very nice place to stay a beautiful evening with good drinks, friendly stuff and a beautiful atmosphere.
Marcel van Loon
20:39 04 May 21
Very nice atmosphere and the service is a well oiled machine!
Rolf van den Breemer
13:06 24 Apr 21
Open again! Nice waiters, food is tasty, love the Carib Colada.
christiaan zweers
16:41 22 Apr 21
We go here every now and then for lunch. They have amazing poke bowls. Fresh fish and pretty good service. Very decent place!
20:52 05 Mar 21
Beautiful location with friendly and helpful employees. The cabanas are perfect for an afternoon of sunbathing with friends. I only wish the top of the cabanas had a covering, as it is easy to get burned quickly in the bright Carribean sun. I look forward to my next visit!
Marijke Wilhelmus Rob Landman
16:43 30 Jan 21
Wonderful setting right on the ocean. Great food - I especially like the Poke bowl. Just one minor point you have to pay for the water. But still worth a 5 star.
Eddy Trenidad
04:31 30 Jan 21
No words needed.Id give Ocean Oasis 6 stars if I could. 🏝🍹
Irina Krasovskaya
13:50 13 Jan 21
I was really impressed with super nice stuff, really good service, great food and beautiful design. So much better then other beach clubs on Bonaire I’ve been to.
Joseph dinapoli
01:13 04 Jan 21
Avocado toast is decently hardy for avo toast.Also had their sweet potato fries the ither day, slightly over cooked, it was towards end of day ~7pm oil probably needed to be changed 🤔I cant remember what the name on those dishes were, but for me they werent impressive, taste was odd, consistency..unique to be nice.The staff and overall setting of the place is 5 stars, the food not so much..
Carmel & Crusita de Palm-Leoneta
01:50 30 Dec 20
Good and nice place to see and enjoy sunset and away from noisy town.
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Eat, drink, read a book or simply enjoy the beautiful view, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, Ocean Oasis has a place for you.

Casual Dining
Asian, Take Out

Bon Wokkie

Ron de Haas
02:26 10 Oct 21
Erg lekker en vlot thuis bezorgd!
John Mitchell
11:27 24 Sep 21
Very quick service. Great value. Start with the medium size!!
Rob van Temmen
01:17 24 Sep 21
Excellent food! Fresh and more than enough
Jan van Berkel
00:56 21 Aug 21
Heerlijk gegeten! Goeie portie met voldoende groenten 🙂 service met een glimlach, een echte aanrader
Willem Flikkema
01:20 15 Aug 21
Echt super lekker !!
Gretel Wijers
01:54 25 Jul 21
Je kunt hier ontzettend lekker en gezond eten! En je krijgt altijd te veel😊.Als je met z'n 2tjes bent kun je er zelf niet voor koken. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!
Peter Pie
12:39 04 Mar 21
Raoel Ramjiawan
10:08 04 Mar 21
Mark Broere
17:20 03 Mar 21
Lotte Versteijlen
17:08 03 Mar 21
Eddy Trenidad
19:59 16 Feb 21
Fuiyooooooooo 🥡🥡🥡 , well done.👌🏽
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Bon Wokkie, your new favorite take out restaurant in the heart of Kralendijk, Bonaire!

Casual Dining
Pizza, Steakhouse

Blue Garden Bonaire

Jan Van Kets
15:31 22 Sep 21
Loved the meat we cooked at the table. It was warm yes ..but worth it.Very friendly service. Great cocktails.
Ricky Bobby texas
14:52 11 Sep 21
AMAZING food and the owner was so welcoming, it was like dining with a friend. Definitely a go to place on Bonaire. Pizza was outstanding as was the mixed grill (the shrimp on the pizza were prolly 14-16 ct size!)
Jonas D.
21:03 08 Sep 21
Best grilled lion fish I ever had 🤤 It gets served with a fantastic passion fruit sauce.
Betsy Dijkstra
17:00 12 Aug 21
We had a delicious dinner at this cozy restaurant. Great home made pizza’s and excellent beef! The owners (couple) make you feel at home. We recommend dinner when visiting Bonaire!
Francis Hermina
04:39 08 Aug 21
Very good picanha and service
Gary Page
00:49 31 Jul 21
First off I don't write a lot of reviews but Blue Garden was so outstanding I felt I had to. We were "walk ups" on a Friday Eve which turned out to be quite busy. The hostess worked us in and the owner even came by a few times to check on us. The mojito was authentic and we ordered a carribean lobster dish that was second to none. The grilled shrimp added to the dish was also incredible. Service was top notch throughout the dinner and we were going to leave when the male owner stopped by and suggested a Brazilian chocolate dessert topped with rum that we felt we couldn't pass up. All I can say is wow... If you are ever in Kralendjik don't miss this gem. We will be back. Outstanding.
Wilma Baas
12:05 22 Jul 21
O lovely place with yummie food en drinks
Emely Janga
17:50 19 Dec 20
Awesome place , Delicious picaña and a great xmas buffet. The caipiriñas are awesome and super strong .
Theo de Jongh
14:42 04 Dec 20
Nice atmosphere really good service and excellent food. Drinks are also exquisite
Deniz Karaoğlu
20:58 02 Oct 20
Very nice place. Foods are delicious. The prices are a little bit high for the island, but reasonable. The service was fast enough and friendly. If you like Brazilian cuisine like me, I strongly recommend them.
Carol L Clegg
02:11 03 Jan 20
We were fortunate to get a table in high season without a reservation. Lovely garden setting inside. A busy night but we were well taken care of. Excellent, tasty lamb and beef. Must try a Caipirinha- a variety of different flavours. Wrapped up the evening with a tasty grilled banana dessert. Good service and an enjoyable meal.
Debra Burdick
12:35 27 Sep 19
We almost gave up on the restaurants in Bonaire! After walking around from restaurant to restaurant we decided to try Blue Garden. What a pleasant surprise! First off the portions are comparable to what receive in the United States. Many of the places here left us still hungry. The food was delicious. Salad was fresh and tasty. The staff was welcoming and friendly. We decided to return to the all you can eat buffet. The pork was amazing. The only caveat is you need to know that service is not fast. They allow you to enjoy and digest your food in their relaxing atmosphere.
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Try the most delicious all natural beef from Brazil grilled to perfection on a traditional charcoal barbecue.

Casual Dining
American, Italian

CY by Marriott Restaurant Bonaire

Gandy Mauricio
12:15 08 Jun 21
Great service and good food! The piña colada with Amaretto was scrumptious. Dining with a special view.This restaurant is not called MOOD anymore. But my review remains the same, because of my recent visit.
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Savor mouthwatering American cuisine paired with beautiful views of Kralendijk, Bonaire.

According to Wikipedia “A casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Except for buffet-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service.”

Without a doubt most restaurants on this website are categorised as casual dining. Of course not without a reason. Bonaire and casual dining are a great mix. The island itself is very casual with a relaxed, Caribbean, unhurried, and friendly atmosphere. People love to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and experience the same.