American Cuisine Restaurants on Bonaire

Burgers, ribs, wings, dogs, steaks, rolls… Casual comfort food from The States!

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Sally Corey
19:14 14 Jul 21
Love this place. Right on the ocean, casual dining under an open air structure. Good food and good service.
Pierre Perigault Monte
19:24 21 May 21
Great view...a must visit place.
Kelvin King
20:11 17 Feb 21
The service is great, friendly people. Great view!
14:54 16 Feb 21
I love coming here. Super affordable, really great comfort food and the best sunset view. I definitely recommend!
Thomas Kühn
13:01 17 Nov 20
We stayed in the Buddy Dive Resort for two weeks in September 2020 so of course we also had a couple of dinners in the Blennies. Very kindly service, good food and always with the view on the sunset!
Carolyn Schokker
00:20 05 Sep 20
Had a great lunch!
15:42 07 Mar 20
Best pizza on the island and drinks as strong as necessary. Setting is sea side and beautiful..views for every desire! Go you wont b disappointed!
Keith Dalton
01:47 13 Aug 19
I have been traveling to Bonaire since 1991 and have been staying at Buddy Dive since 2015. Blennies is one of the on-site restaurants where you can eat lunch or dinner. Great atmosphere, fantastic view of the ocean, and delightful Dutch waiters/waitresses. Don’t expect to have speedy service, but then again you’re on an island and on vacation. Make sure to visit the other on property restaurant....Ingredients.
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Every day is a celebration, whether it’s a cocktail with friends or simply savoring the international and local dishes in a beautiful oceanfront setting.

Thursday's All You Can Eat Ribs Night
Fast Food
American, International

Beer and Burgers Bonaire

Noritza Rosalia Martis
01:09 13 Jul 21
The hotwings very delicious
Minguelito Conquet
23:49 02 Jun 21
The triple bik mec was delicious in combination with patat oorlog, I was stuffed and satisfied. Worth visiting again to try the other burgers.
Harm van de Seijp
00:52 13 May 21
Friendly people and great food
Diane Giesswein
12:26 20 Jan 21
Had perfectly seared fresh tuna salad and gehaktbal with a very nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Karin and Laura are fantastic. The restaurant is very charming with a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
robert buchel
14:49 27 Dec 20
Perfect burgers and lovely beers
Matt De Sousa
03:14 27 Nov 20
Get on down here and eat these delicious burgers. Far out they are so good!I had the buffalo special twice. It was that good. Enjoy! And thank you ladies for the best burger I've had in ages 😀
Lance Hollis
18:52 16 Oct 20
Great burgers, made to order! Bonaire is mostly unknown as the culinary sensation it is. The island has outstanding fare from the around the world and Beer & Burgers offers it up and will satisfy any burger aficionado! For an island, nice selection of beer, also.
Tim Nassis
01:20 27 Feb 20
Great burgers. Long list of delicious toppings. Pleasant surprise that you can get a medium rare burger in Bonaire. Coming from Canada that's a big deal. Beers are cold and cheap. $2.75 for a Heineken. "Specials" are $5 and really not that special if you come from a big city (Leff Blonde". Fries were frozen but good quality. Best of all good prices are some of the best on the island. Great value.
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Beer and Burgers is a casual pub/restaurant serving the best burgers on the island using fresh, high quality ingredients!

Food Truck
American, Sea Food

Cactus Blue

Sarah Clare
20:04 13 Apr 20
If you go to the island, you have to stop here. Owners are incredibly friendly. Never expected lionfish to taste so good. Great place to grab some delicious homemade juice and a burger or wrap after a dive.
Nicole Krocke
20:20 20 Jan 20
Best burger in Bonaire! Best service !
Terry Labach
19:24 02 Jan 20
Excellent hand-crafted burgers! A great place to eat while on Donkey Beach. I ate there a couple of times - had the Kiteburger, and also had a lionfish sandwich (they call it a burger but they use fillets, not ground fish) which was tasty. The fish is market price though, so bring $$! Cash only.
m ~
16:15 20 Dec 19
Literally the best burger I've ever had, hands down. If I had tried this place on the first day of my vacation instead of the last, I would have eaten here every day. Lionfish was also amazing.
matty p
12:55 27 May 19
Tasty food truck in a small copse of trees with an excellent beach front view. The chicken wrap was especially good, specifically the curry sauce they use. It was flavorful without being overpowering. They also sell local drinks that are similar to agua fresca, and made for a nice treat after diving. The owners are friendly and will happily tell you about the island as you wait for your food.
Patricia Schindelheim
12:06 09 Feb 19
Enjoyed the delicious kite burger while sitting overlooking the ocean. The food was fresh, seasoned well, burger was juicy and every bite tasted as good as the last. Great location on your way to dive or snorkel the south sites. Friendly owners. Will be back for sure.If your looking for the lion fish burgers come early.
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Cactus Blue is all about the juiciest Hamburgers & tastiest Wraps. Also the only lunch-address that has Lion Fish burgers.

Fast Food
American, International

Krispy Chicks & Burgers

Aliki de Zwart
01:07 13 Mar 20
Best sushi in town! Good price and very friendly waitress!
Donna Swenson
01:43 27 Jan 20
Excellent food and service.
Alex Van Der Kroft
01:34 11 Dec 19
Very nice Indonesian rijsttafel from Tino. Relaxed atmosphere, wonderful staff.
Crystal Payne
15:14 23 Oct 19
Best priced sushi deals on the island. Decent sushi.
18:21 26 Aug 19
Great food, excellent prices and super friendly service! Excellent location as well right in the center
Burton Ogle
15:17 17 Jul 19
Exito has undergone a major facelift. What has stayed the same? - excellent food and warm, friendly service. What is new? - bright, open dinning which reminds one of a French cafe. My wife and I hit Exito nearly every morning for breakfast. It's a major destination on our daily walk. We are always greeted warmly by Ruth, Lucia and Sue Ann. Sue Ann carefully crafts our breakfast sandwiches using oven-fresh rolls and either fresh salads (egg, tuna, or chicken) or warm scrambled eggs with ham bacon or sausage. With drinks, we never exceed $10. The prices are low but nothing is cheap. This is my 27th year of visiting the lovely island of Bonaire and Exito Bakery and Restaurant is like an old friend. Looking forward to next year already.
ozzy B
19:44 13 May 19
Good fried chicken can't complain
John Mitchell
17:53 13 May 19
Great place for quick snack
Grace Simply Grace
17:57 27 Dec 18
Exito is e very good and affordable place for breakfast, lunch and or dinner. I personally LOVE the Sushi.From a good wine up to a delicious dessert.5 well deserved stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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Krispy Chicks & Burgers is the first fast food restaurant serving both Hamburgers and Fried Chicken on Bonaire located in the center of town.