Bonaire culinair zwart_600To showcase Bonaire’s culinary wealth, the Bonaire Culinair team organizes a 15-day culinary event from May 19th through June 2nd 2022. During these 15 days the participating restaurants and food trucks will create a special menu at a set price. A 3-course dinner menu for $33, a 2-course lunch menu for $22, or a Food Truck special for $11. We invite you to discover the culinary variety of Bonaire. Enjoy!

About the Bonaire Culinair event

Bonaire is blessed by a high quality and very diverse Culinary Sector. Our passionate chefs create unique dishes and beverages based on the rich cultural and culinary heritage of the Island. Food Experiences are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the experience for visitors and locals alike. Come and taste what Bonaire has to offer! Also check www.bonaire-culinair.com for the official Bonaire Culinair website.